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Façade insulation systems

At Rockface we work exclusively with Sto.
Sto is the world leader in insulated façade systems.
Introduced on the market over 40 years ago, and with more than 100 million square metres applied worldwide, Sto is the system of choice for architects, project managers, and homeowners.
Choosing the StoTherm Classic façade system means getting the highest quality, and given the life of the project, proves an economical investment.

Building with Conscience

Three words which encapsulate the philosophy behind the science.

Sto is a leader in the field of technology. With more than 200 patents, and over 100 research personnel, Sto’s products are products for the future: safe, durable, and economic.


With savings of up to 60% in energy costs, StoTherm Classic is a savvy choice for the environment, and offers an incredible level of comfort in your living environment.


StoTherm Classic can provide a wide variety of surface coatings, finishing mortars, architectural elements, ceramics and natural stone elements for all your creative desires.

Facade renovation systems

For severely damaged facades we can offer the Sto Reno facade renovation system with thin-coat synthetic renders, with which you can avoid the problems associated with cementitious renders, such as cracking and colour fading.

Sto renders feature greater durability, exceptional flexibility and are through-coloured to reduce maintenance requirements.
Crack resistance
The binders in Sto synthetic renders are highly flexible, providing much better resistance to surface cracks than traditional cement-based renders.
Excellent adhesion
Sto synthetic renders can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including onto concrete and masonry, synthetic and mineralic rendered surfaces and StoVentec render carrier boards.
Weather resistant
All renders provide a certain level of weather protection for buildings. Sto cement-free renders are polymeric, allowing them to repel water far better than traditional thick coat renders.
Vapour permeable
Sto synthetic renders have been specially formulated to allow the render to breathe.

Rainscreen cladding

The StoVentec system is fixed to the exterior wall with an adjustable aluminium sub-construction. This creates a cavity between the facade and the render carrier board which is partially filled with mineral fibre insulation for effective external wall insulation.

The system protects the wall, keeping it dry while also allowing it to breathe. As the cavity is ventilated, there is no limit to the lightness value of the render finish, so even the darkest colour values are possible.

Also available are Sto glass, photo-voltaic and stone rainscreen systems


We believe that a façade insulation system should have a service life of 30+ years. This means a system, without the worries of ongoing repairs, needing only an occasional coat of paint for cosmetic appearance.
We aim to deliver top-quality façade insulation systems providing high durability and impact resistance, and excellent thermal performance.
This can only be achieved using high quality, organic materials.
Our armour and finishing renders are 100 % cement-free giving the system a high elasticity and a strong protection against cracking. The impact and shock resistance is 10x higher than a cement-based system.
Equally important is the method of application. We only work with certified, professional installers.
The choice of quality materials and rigorous adherence to proper application techniques ensures that our clients receive the best possible system for long-lasting results.

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